Sightseeing routes in Uchibo area
Visiting and enjoying nature of Yoro valley

Hiking of visiting the beauty of valley in the upstream of Yoro River and enjoying carbonated hot spring. Season of autumn leaves is especially recommended along the hiking course from "Suigetsuji temple" to "Awamata Waterfall".

Theme Visiting waterfalls starting from Suigetsuji temple
Recommended for couples, the elderly, senior citizens, and groups
The best season all seasons
Time required 2 days and 1 night
Spots to visit
Explanation for spot
Staying time & charge

Yoro hot spring

■Experience ■Stay 
Please enjoy abundantly gushing "carbonated spring" of Yoro to your heart's content and relieve your fatigue and stress.
※8000 yen or more for one night
Staying time
- minutes
- yen
30 minutes on foot

Suigetsuji Temple

An old Zen temple which is rare in Minamiboso. In the season of fresh green foliage, Vaccinium praestans and Cypripedium japonicums bloom magnificiently. After touring Suigetsuji Temple, you will walk on a promenade and head for "Awamata Waterfall".
Staying time
30 minutes
- yen
About 30 minutes on foot

Awamata Waterfall

■Play ■Learn ■Experience 
Walking from Suigetsuji temple through "Awamata Waterfall promenade" and you will reach the terminus (the starting point, actually) of the promenade to find the famous waterfall in Boso, "Awamata Waterfall". The autumn leaves around this area is exquisite, so please visit in the season of autumn leaves to enjoy beautiful scenery.
※Parking lot fee: 500 yen or more
Staying time
60 minutes
- yen

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